Samstag, 15. September 2018

RWE sägt am Kohleausstieg

+++ Während in Berlin der Kohleausstieg verhandelt wird, will RWE weiter für die Kohle roden. Jetzt Hambacher Wald schützen! +++ Quelle

Mesmerizing Instruments and Sounds

Cool. +++ Happy to present this playful one-shot loop station "street session" with mr Rico Loop here! Filmed and directed by Arthur Moore, enjoy! more info: Rico Loop: Filmed & Directed by: Arthur Moore Subscribe here: +++ Quelle

Mesmerizing Instruments and Sounds

+++ Meet the "Bohemian Cristal Instrument " played by Lenka Morávková and recorded in the blooming desert of California. This is a totally acoustic musical instrument and no postproduction was done to this simple "iphone" field recording, this explains the buzz in the background. The instrument is based on The Cristal Baschet, originally conceived and developed in 1952 by François and Bernard Baschet, two French brothers who built experimental instruments and sound sculptures, As it says on her website: " In 2012 Lenka Morávková designed the first Cristal Baschet (named Bohemian Cristal, an après Baschet sculpture) in the Czech Republic and assisted Spanish artist Martí Ruiz, of the Metalúdic Baschet Collective, in the construction of the instrument." For more info please visit: website: facebook: +++ Quelle

Mesmerizing Instruments and Sounds

Gigantisch. +++ Enjoy some amazing Mesmerizing sounds by soundwizards Dennis and Ernie, two beautifull singing Starlings and our starts of today! One of them even busts out some Miles Davis sounds at 00:34 :-) This is what Lloyd & Rose Buck Bird Specialists & Handlers wrote me about them: 'Dennis & Ernie are two of our ten year old European Starlings (Sturnus Vulgaris) we look after, we have had them since they were five days old, we have a license to keep them from Natural England, we have five Starlings, they are all wonderful, friendly little birds, and all totally different in character and very intelligent. Over the years they have built up their own personal collection of sounds, words and bird calls, they all have their own preferences and repertoire, it can be anything from ringtones, to all our other birds, our creaky lounge door, lots of things that Rose says to them, laughing, coughing, electronic noises they hear of things working etc, anything basically that takes their fancy, I would guess that each one has a personal repertoire of around 30 to 50 sounds. We fly them outside, they fly to us like little raptors for their pellets and mealworms, they do lots of filming for various projects. Rose is the one who has puts an enormous amount of time into them, they are a huge commitment, but totally worth it, we learn so much from them, and they are great little ambassadors for their wild counterparts. I play the piano and they roost in their carry pets next to it every night, so they love classical music, and sing along to their favourites, which are Beethoven, Bach, Schubert & Mozart. Mozart the composer had a Starling he kept for three years, and was very impressed with its ability to sing along with him playing and composing, when it died, he gave it a full funeral and dedicated a piece to the bird called 'A musical joke'. When they are singing, they are vocally battling each other to try to impress Rose with the best repertoire, its a courtship thing really, they sing really well from October to late June, then they stop during their moult period.' Lloyd and Rose have their own family of birds that they work with exclusively for documentaries, film , drama, commercials and photography projects. Website: Twitter: lloydbuck@birdspecialist +++ Quelle

Samstag, 8. September 2018

Status Message

Eigentlich ein sehr schöner Ort hier - wenn nicht das Weinfest wäre... Ist total überlaufen.

Freitag, 24. August 2018


+++ Muss uns erst ein TV-Sender erklären, wie Gesellschaft funktioniert? WARNUNG! Wer leicht feuchte Augen bekommt, vorsicht. Dies hier ist was fürs Herz. Wir haben es extra für Euch auf Deutsch übersetzt (wer weitere Sprachen übersetzen will - schaut auf Youtube/ZUKAR, dort könnte ihr das tun. Arabisch, Französisch und Portugisisch sind schon da. Danke). Einfach nur schön! +++ Quelle

Dienstag, 21. August 2018

Morning Routine

+++ Black Books S02E03 +++ Quelle


+++ "Willkommen bei der Psychiatrie-Hotline. - Wenn Sie zwanghaft sind, wählen Sie immer wieder die 1. - Wenn Sie Co-abhängig sind, fragen Sie bitte jemand, der die 2 für Sie wählt. - Wenn Sie multiple Persönlichkeiten haben, wählen Sie 3, 4, 5 und 6. - Wenn Sie unter paranoidem Wahn leiden, dann wissen wir, wer Sie sind und was Sie wollen. Bleiben Sie so lange in der Leitung, bis wir den Anruf zurückverfolgt haben. - Wenn Sie schizophren sind, dann hören Sie genau hin. Leise Stimmen werden Ihnen sagen, welche Nummer Sie wählen müssen. - Wenn Sie unter Vergesslichkeit leiden, wählen Sie die 8. Wenn Sie unter Vergesslichkeit leiden, wählen Sie die 8. Wenn Sie unter Vergesslichkeit leiden, wählen Sie die 8 ... - Wenn Sie depressiv sind, wählen Sie doch, was Sie wollen. Niemand wird Ihnen zuhören." +++ Quelle


+++ "Ich bring den Müll rein!" - "Nein, ich!" - Wenn Messies sich streiten... +++ Quelle

Montag, 20. August 2018

Missing Link: Agil leben im digitalen Kapitalismus. Teil 2 - Mit dem Bedingungslosen Grundeinkommen den nächsten Sprint schaffen

Sehr interessante Betrachtungen zum Thema "Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen (BGE)" +++ Die neue Kultur des Kapitalismus: Das Projekt bist Du. Zum neuen Kapitalismus passt das Bedingungslose Grundeinkommen wie die Faust aufs Auge. +++ Quelle